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Plastic Injection moulds for a wide range of application

We design and manufacture injection molds for plastics for a wide range of applications. Browse through some of the samples that are molded from injection moulds that were manufactured by our company. We are leading injection mould mold manufacturers in India.

Our clients are 100% sure that they are getting the best of our experience and technical know-how, due to our extensive range of injection molds exposure each time and every time!

Click on the image below to see enlarged view.

audio moldtelevision moldautomibile moldautomobile moldtwin tube lampholder moldlamp holder cover moldPL tube holder moldT5 lampholder base moldstarter holder moldT5 lampholder mold

T8, T12 lamp holder moldT8, T12 lamp holder moldTC DEL lamp holder moldE 14 candelabra base lampholder moldwire terminal moldaudio moldTV remote control plastic body moldTV remote control plastic body moldplastic handle moldplated plastic knobs mold

computer part moldcordless telephone plastic moldplastic frying spoon moldplastic cup moldplastic water tap moldautomibile moldplastic cam industrial moldplastic cap, plunger moldplastic coil bobbin panel moldindustrial cord holder mold

light cover moldindustrial moldswitch gear moldmeasuring cup moldinsulin disposing cover moldmedical clamper moldmicroscope moldMedical lab equipment moldmulti line connector mold10ml disposable, retractable needle syringe mold

insulin syringe mold3ml disposable syringe mold5ml disposable syringe moldcarbo cap moldcloth hanger moldcoat hanger moldcaps and closures mold, flip top cap moldspeaker, tweeter moldspeaker grill moldTV rear panel mold

twist ball pen moldpen mechanism moldpen mechanism moldpen nozzle moldsketch pen moldpermanent marker pen mold, white board marker pen moldball pen moldball point pen moldpen cap mold

Plastic food container moldplastic fork mold