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As you will discover, this is not more of the same.

We listen to our customers - which is easy to say. And we respond to their wishes - which is often a challange, but one we relish.

Over the years, we have gradually built up a comprehensive base of product specific know-how in the fields of Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory equipment, Cosmetics, Thin wall / Packaging, Caps and Closures, Cutlery, Automobiles, Home appliances, Writing instruments, Electrical, Electronics and Industrial parts.

Our expereienced engineers and innovative designers use latest CAD/CAM facility to meet mould design challanges to build simple to complex multi-cavity injection moulds. To ensure proper moulded part accuracy and mould cycle time, we do flow analysis, cooling analysis amd warpage analysis whenever required.

The result is a range of injection molds for a variety of plastic components that is continually improving and constantly redefining what is the exact standard, which out-performs not only that of our competition but also our own previous line-up.

Our expertise is to design and manufacture excellent quality injection molds. Manufacturing and supplying high quality injection moulds and injection moulded plastic components to countries like USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Srilanka, U.A.E., Kenya and France since 1976.

Mould Base Steels
we can design mouldbases and standard components according to customer's requirement, such as DME, HASCO standard. We stock steel from Finkl (US),Thyssen (Germany), Uldelhom (Sweden).

Mould Base Standards
DME, HASCO, FUTABA, VAP, LKM and many more are available upon request.

Used Hot Runner brands
HUSKY, MOLDMASTER, MASSTIP, DME, YUDO and more are available.


injection mold designing Precision die sinker for injection mold CNC edm for injection moldVMC for plastic injection mold Wire EDM for plastic injection mold ultrasonic polishing for injection moldHighly accurate electrode holding systems are used on all CNC machines to ensure perfect repeatability and dimensional accuracy on our injection moulds High quality machining of copper electrodes ensures perfect core cavity dimensions in injection moulds.

High quality multi cavity injection moulds are manufactured using latest machine toolsInjection molds for best dimensional and finishing requirements is the result of our experience in manufacturing variety of injection molds for all types of plastic industry

Precision copper and graphite electrodes are used to manufacture high quality injection molds with perfect edm finish. Dimensional requirements and part to part consistency is achieved due to precision copper electrodes in all multi cavity injection moulds manufactured by our company in India.